I am a writer, thinker, entrepreneur and life enthusiast. I know right…I think that description of myself reads good and that is the beauty of writing. I can write myself into anyone I want to be. Most of the things I write about are not based on facts and cannot be directly substantiated by research data (in fact I try to avoid doing that) but more on how i interpret things. As a writer I just live my life, interpret it and share my interpretations from the perspective of my life.

So I like to write about the things I am passionate about, try to give personal development advice based on my experiences or in some cases the experiences of others, I like to give my opinion about the things that affect the community I live in, socially or politically…lets just say I like to write about things that I feel are interesting. Some people may find these things boring or my approach a little radical…but if i can change or save one life out there I will be happy. Read and decide which person you are going to be for yourself. Enjoy “My Write Revolt!”

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