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Our Supreme Leader
Who art NOT be questioned
Hallowed be your name
Your Fire Trucks have come
May your money be made through blatant profligacy
As we complacently, turn a blind eye to your “public servitude” hypocrisy

Give us this day our daily lies
And continue to trample on our human rights
Forgive us for all our trespasses
Just as we have also forgiven the Constitutional Court for their last electoral trespass against us
Lead us NOT into prosperity but deliver us into more national debt

For thine is your Government
Like Pharisees holy
To win elections forever and ever
For this we fast and pray



Zambia commemorated and will continue to commemorate a National Day of Prayer and Fasting on 18th October every year. Let digress…

I have noted that the word “Reconciliation” that was included in last years (2016) pronouncements was somewhat conveniently dropped from the text messages and or announcements that were sent or made to remind me about this day, this year. I wonder why an important gesture such as reconciliation is no longer a national priority especially when we have National Leaders name calling, slapping and or drenching each other to the low level of desecrating the sanctity of the National Assembly.

Perhaps if we moved the National Assembly proceedings to Chengelo that kind of absurd hooliganism would get the kind of national attention it deserves but let me not dwell on that for now.

Today I just wanted to share the prayer, I prayed yesterday with with all of you.

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