Dear God! Why was I created? Was it to fulfill your purpose or was it to fulfill mine? Why didn’t you just come back when I was still a child…come back before I lost all my innocence or before I relished the taste of sin. Or is this the idea? Is this a divine spiritual experiment to test the boundaries of free will? What is the purpose of it if? Why don’t you just ask me which side of eternal life I want to end up on?

You see, it bothers me that I have been living in the “End of Days” my whole life…ironically anybody that has lived post 0001 AD has been living in the “End of Days,” which begs the question…what is the Almighty waiting for?

Honestly…the sixty minutes of this eleventh hour are really taking an eternity and it would be good to hear the sound of the end of day trumpet but I digress. The reason I started to write today was not because I am bothered by our delayed judgement day (even if justice delayed is technically justice denied)  but because I was thinking about a friend of mine that I will just call Tumba.

On Friday (18th September, 2015), Tumba was scared. She expressed her fear in a Facebook status update, which read…

“My country (Zambia) scares me. The religious fanaticism that is gaining momentum everyday is terrifying.”

You obviously do not know Tumba but I know her well enough to know that Tumba does not just blurt things out…well sometimes she does but Tumba is one of the few people I know that is very particular with words. So when Tumba uses words like “fanaticism” and “terrifying,” I start to think…

Religion, especially the Christian religion is obviously a very “touchy, feely” (sensitive) topic for many Zambians because we are constitutionally a “Christian Nation.” The unsaid meaning of this is that we can never, ever really say bad things about Christianity or the Church…but to hell with that (and i mean that literally) because I think that it is very important to reignite the conversation about Christianity as well as the Church and how it is evolving into a mockery of the life of Christ.

It is one thing to say that we are Christian, that we are a Christian nation…one thing to be articulate and eloquent in the way that we quote scripture, as well as exude spiritual perfection and righteousness…in fact we see a lot of that.

However it is another to live Christ like. Unfortunately the reverence, humility and dignity of who Jesus Christ was, what he believed in and what he died for has been lost in the purposeless, a lot of Christians feel in just waiting for God. So instead of being trapped in this purposelessness, we are beginning to see a lot of people start to define their own purpose within the Church, to do anything and everything that can be justified with their own interpretation of a bible verse.

Church leaders and congregants today can justify their craving for embellished levels of prosperity, practicing pride and loving themselves a little more than they love their neighbours. We hear more and more of what, “The Pastor said…” or “The Bishop said…” or “The Prophet said…” or “The Papa said…” and very little of what Jesus Christ said.

The “Christian Craze,” as I call it, is now free for all perpetuated by the fear of the Satanist that seems to be driving around in every fancy vehicle that we see on our roads (Yes, Range Rover guy, i see you).

Even the struggling magician, now called Prophet has found an audience that has an insatiable appetite for miracles. It baffles me that people have become so gullible that they will believe that turning water into kerosene is an example of God’s magnificence and yet all you have to do is simply look in the mirror.

The craze is also an integral part of political rhetoric. For example the President Edgar C. Lungu recently declared that Sunday, 18th October 2015 will be a day of Repentance, Prayer and Fasting. Really? Well…with all due respect, Sir…after you.

Quite frankly I was hoping that the Church in this country would denounce 18th October for the hypocrisy that it obviously represents. I halfheartedly expected the Church to challenge the President to instead confront the many things that have gone wrong in this country first. Rampant corruption, excessive Government expenditure as well as collapsing justice, health and education systems are among the many things that have fundamentally gone wrong in Zambia. We also hear or read very little about how the many years of self centered leadership has even destroyed the family unit that makes up the basic building block of our communities This, if nothing at all should amplify our dire predicament.

At what point are we going to start taking responsibility for the state of this nation? At what point do we stop making a mockery of God? In Zambia today, at least 70% of our countrymen live in abject poverty and so for me it would really take much more than a day of repentance, prayer and fasting…more than an eloquent speech delivered in Parliament…more than a sermon delivered in a “foreign” accent, in an air-conditioned “sanctum” to make me believe that Zambia today embodies the character of Christ. So let me ask…

Where is the church? Where are the soldiers of Christ? Aren’t you supposed to be the guardians of this great nation that is being lied to, raped and assaulted on your watch?

Well maybe it is a little difficult for them to see the world outside from the inside of those gigantic structures they now call churches or maybe they are waiting for a more definitive sign. Well maybe they just got the heavenly memo that said Jesus Christ is not coming back tomorrow.


  1. The problem our generation is facing is that we where born in an era where ” we” where told these are the end of days’ so every magician and trickster is looking for a way to make a quick kwacha (K) and the church being the quickest way due to the fact that,”we” are lazy to take control of our own lives and solely relay on the man of god to foretell our future of big richs, than actually get up and work to make a living. I don’t need a man or woman to predict my future or open the door for me to talk to God, not even if K50 worth of airtime suddenly popped up in my phone. We are a lazy generation that is slowly falling for these trick. For me my bedside prayers are heard and answered by the same God of moses, Abraham and Jacob, not through my spiritual father or mother in whom I have to sow a seed through. Good writing and an eye opener keep it up.

    • I agree with 100%. Laziness is our biggest problem. We are too lazy to take control of our lives that we have become gullible to these random men of God. We don’t want to think about what we may be doing wrong or where we need to change. We are quick to blame it some spiritual things. I have a friend who has been struggling in her career. She’s been at the same.position for a while and she went to her pastor for prayers. The pastor told her there is nothing much he can do for her. He broke it down for her that if she wants to see grow in her career she needs to improve her qualifications and work harder.
      For alot of the problems we are facing personally and as a nation, we don’t need divine intervention. We simply need to stop waiting on the Lord to come and to take the necessary steps to change our situation.

  2. wheathet you like it or not the coming of Jesus is real, the signs are very clear. Jesus said as it was in the time of Noah and Lot that how it will be by the Coming of Son of Man. what was at time of Noah? 3things: 1multiplication of people, 2beauty of women and 3 enter marriages between sons of God and daugthers of men Genesis 6:1-.In Sodom days of Lot there was Homosexuality Gen 18:21- . are these things not happen? people with needs of wordly material let them go on Jesus is coming for his elects.

  3. Nice read Muchemwa, very interesting. You were always the brooding type and I’m glad that’s led you to interesting Here’s my two cent’s worth..

    “ Zambians even in our draft constitution we have maintained that we are a christian nation.if this is so how come we are Grumbling agaist [sic] Edgar Chagwa Lungu, a mere man and not praying to God?The Presidend [sic] must not be belittled for the falling kwacha, hes not an economist but a lawyer….” Extracted from an acquaintance’s facebook status.

    The extract perfectly illustrates why societies that celebrate and stringently protect the separation of church and state are right on the money. Seriously, our ancestors who first climbed down from the trees, learned to walk, tamed fire, and pretty much founded our many civilizations must be turning in their graves because their progeny seem to have abandoned reason for the allure of mysticism. I’m not trying to disrespect or debate people’s Christian faith. But any form of mysticism (all religions have their own) as a form of political discourse removes reason from the people’s perception of reality and replaces it with a non-sensory, non-rational, non-definable, non-identifiable means of knowledge. Reality becomes some kind of an out of body experience beyond our comprehension and capacity to manipulate. In such a world view, reality (especially its ugly bits such as poverty, war, bad governance etc) is not a human-made construct. Leaders, as mere mortals, possess neither the ability nor responsibility to (re)construct/manipulate reality for the greater good, e.g. intervene through policy and informed leadership to address economic and political problems..People stop thinking (as Muchemwa periodically reminds us on his facebook wall) and the expectation of thinking leaders becomes a form of blasphemy..

    • Thank you Malambo…

      “I’m not trying to disrespect or debate people’s Christian faith. But any form of mysticism (all religions have their own) as a form of political discourse removes reason from the people’s perception of reality and replaces it with a non-sensory, non-rational, non-definable, non-identifiable means of knowledge. Reality becomes some kind of an out of body experience beyond our comprehension and capacity to manipulate.”

      I absolutely love how you framed that. I could not have said it better. I think that sums it up. We need to start thinking…

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